Nov 2009
Proposed 2010 Budget

Now posted: Proposed 2010 Budget Details

Notes from Mayor Gold:

The 2010 "Mayor’s Budget" has been revised. The budget changes were officially announced at the Monday November 2nd council meeting. It includes the removal of the twelve-day work furlough and reduction in hours contained in the original budget. City workers will not be experiencing any reduction in work hours. In addition the revised budget significantly reduces the number of occupied positions to be eliminated from five to one. The tax rate increase for residential assessments in the revised budget is 14.59 %. The commercial rate increase is 6.66%.

The revised budget includes an additional $167,000 in revenue owed to the city by the state (for grants that were not distributed) and $26,000 of city account adjustments.

Much of the budget challenges were identified in the 2009 mid-year financial projection report. The budget has no increases in operating expenses. To help accomplish this, the city requests that all labor unions honor a 0% salary increase for 2010. The budget includes over $600,000 in additional losses of sales tax related revenue. It compensates for $1,250,000 taken out of the reserve fund to balance the budget in 2009 but not being withdrawn in the 2010 budget. Much of the revenue included in the 2010 budget is from recouping debt owed to the city by the State of New York. Keep in mind that this source will not be available in the 2011 budget. In addition, this budget includes a number of positions that will not be refilled in an attrition program.

I anticipate working ambitiously with the council to further reduce the tax rate increase as we meet with department supervisors and review the budget line-by-line. A town hall meeting will be scheduled for late November and as always public comments are welcome at city council meetings. The council will be making amendments between now and late December when the budget is adopted.

— These notes are also posted on Beacon Citizen Network where everyone can read and write public comments.


Nov 2009
Cliff Street Parking Lot Lottery

Update: The deadline to enter the lottery has been extended until Monday, November 16, 2009.

The City of Beacon will hold a public lottery drawing for eight (8) parking spaces in the Cliff Street Municipal Parking Lot as outlined in Resolution #06 of 2009. Said lottery drawing will be held on Wednesday, November 19, 2009 at 11:00 a.m. in the City Administrator's office located in the Municipal Center, One Municipal Plaza, Suite One, Beacon, New York.

Those residents interested in submitting a form for the lottery should request a lottery form from the City Administrator's office no later than Monday, November 16, 2009. the parking spaces will be available for calendar year 2010 for each day of the week from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. The cost of each parking space is set at $30.00 per month.

Nov 2009
Unofficial Election Results

Vote count as of 11/04/2009 03:54:19 AM with 100% of machines reporting as reported by Dutchess County.

Marlene M Fredericks (D) 1,198
George M Mansfield (D) 1,195

Justin Riccobono (R) 938
Kathryn Deutermann (R) 755
Louis J Amoroso Sr (Independence) 615

Jerry Landisi (D) 382
Andrew Forman (R) 331

Charles P Kelly (D) 331
Don Rich (R) 233

Randy Casale (R) 507
Vane Lashua (D) 229

Sara J Pasti (D) 315
Chris Bopp (R) 201

James L Coughlan (R) 25,171
Diane Jablonski (D) 24,364

Alison MacAvery (D) 997
Ori Brachfeld (R) 915

John Forman (R) 1,069
Ronald S Ray (D) 882

Orazio R Bellantoni (R) 26,317
Charley Wood (R) 25,089
Charles E Stewart (R) 24,633
Jeffrey A Cohen (D) 24,308

David Steinberg (D) 22,114
Francesca E Connolly (D) 20,458
James Hubert (D) 19,883
William L Maher (R) 19,405
Mary N Clark (Right to Life) 1,558
James Alexander Burke (Right to Life) 1,446
Stasia T Vogel (Right to Life) 1,389

Peter M Forman (R) 30,950

Nov 2009
Grand Opening :: Batt's Florist and Sweets

Carole Cappillio has opened Batt's Florist and Sweets at 4 Eliza Street. Ms. Cappillio is also the owner of The Lollipop Tree Flower Shop in Poughkeepsie. Both shops offers floral arrangements, fruit baskets, homemade cookies and local delivery. For more information call (845) 831-2288 or visit the Lollipop Tree website.

Nov 2009
Grand Opening :: Virgo's Sip N Soul

Mike and Annajgid McNair have opened Virgo's Sip N Soul Café, a Southern food restaurant, at 469 Fishkill Avenue. Stay tuned for their next Sunday Gospel Brunch. For more information call (845)831-1543.

Nov 2009
City Council Elections

Vote for your city council representatives. In Beacon every vote counts!

September 15, 2009
Polls are open from 12 NOON until 9PM.

Democratic candidates facing a primary this year are :: Committee designated candidates Fredericks and Mansfield and challenger Amoroso for City Council At Large positions; Committee designated candidate Landisi and challenger Tucker for Ward 1; Committee designated candidate Kelly and challenger Seegler for Ward 2;

November 3, 2009
Polls are open from 6 AM to 9 PM.

If you are registered to vote:
Identify your ward, polling site, and party affiliation on the Voter Registration Search.
Polling Sites:
        Tompkins Hose Co. (Route 9D Entrance) :: 13 South Ave
        Rombout School (Gym Entrance) :: 84 Matteawan Rd
        Memorial Building (Teller Ave Entrance) :: 413 Main St
        James V. Forrestal School (Main Entrance) :: 125 Liberty St

If you are NOT registered to vote:
You have until Oct 9 to register to vote for the general election! Voter registrations must be postmarked on Oct 9 and be received by the board no later than October 14th.
        Voter registration form (in English)
        Voter registration form (in Spanish)

If you are unable to vote in person on election day:
Absentee ballots and applications are available at City Hall. Absentee ballots must be postmarked the day before election day.

More information:
        NYS Board of Elections Voter Information
        Dutchess County Board of Elections in Poughkeepsie

Note: The Beacon Ward Map provides an overview of the four wards in Beacon. When you view the map, the second number in each label is the ward number. (The third number is the election district within the ward. Polling sites are specific to both ward and election district.) If in doubt, identify your ward, polling site, and party affiliation on the Voter Registration Search.

Oct 2009
Beacon Riverfest 2010 Kickoff Party

Snow has yet to fall but planning for summer 2010 has begun. New on the calendar: The first annual Beacon Riverfest — a free summer concert series on the waterfront.

Join a kickoff party/concert/fundraiser to benefit Beacon Riverfest 2010 on November 14, 2009 8pm—11:45pm at the Howland Center.

On stage will be Jen Clapp, Todd Giudice, Stephen Clair, Al Hemberger, Margaret McDuffie, Art Labriola, and many others. $15

Organized by Stephen Clair of Local 845. For more information visit the Local 845 website.

Oct 2009
Best of Hudson Valley 2009

Congratulations to the Beacon winners of Hudson Valley Magazine's Best of Hudson Valley 2009 — with thanks to Kelly Kingman at Beacon Citizen Network for gleaning the Beacon winners from the complete list.

Best Place to Pair Wine & Food :: Artisan Wine Shop
Looking to wow dinner guests with your ability to match meals with just the right wine? Consider Mei Ying So and Tim Buzinski your senseis, and their Saturday-afternoon wine-food tastings your dojo. The Artisan Wine Shop owners call on their CIA backgrounds to compose such harmonious pairings as shrimp escabèche with Spanish whites and grilled skirt steak tacos with California reds. (The hours-long sessions are a blast to attend, too.) Bring in your dinner menu and So and Buzinski will even create a complementary wine list, which you can then set up as a registry for your guests to use. • 845-440-6923;

Best New Burger on the Scene :: Poppy’s
This lunch-dinner spot, opened in January 2009, offers local, grass-fed beef and seasonal produce, as well as an array of toppings such as hickory-smoked bacon and roasted shallots. The veggie burgers have even won over the hearts of carnivores (think bean patties topped with avocado and homemade vinegar, or mayonnaise-based cole slaw for crunch). The skinny, crispy French fries put their fast-food brethren to shame — and they’re made with organic potatoes. 
• 845-765-2121;

Best Innovative Farm Practice :: Common Ground Farm
Stony Kill Environmental Center Wappingers Falls
Painted lettuce-green with images of squashes and carrots, the Veggie Bus mobile market brings fresh produce to area residents who otherwise might not have access. It’s just one of many innovative programs of Common Ground Farm, a working farm that leases land from Stony Kill Environmental Center in Wappingers Falls. From June through October, shareholders in the community-supported agriculture program claim their weekly haul of vegetables, herbs, and flowers; nonmembers can buy their produce at the Beacon Farmers Market on Sundays. This not-for-profit also offers fun community events including brunch in the fields on a summer day, campfire sing-alongs, and adult workshops on beekeeping, raising chickens — even natural lawncare. Summer dropoff programs for school-age kids give them a daily “haycation”: catching turtles in the pond, visiting the farm animals, working in the garden, and walking the trails. • 845-231-4424;

Best Consignment Shop Block :: Love Me Too Times and Be Mine Again
Beacon wins big for its arts and culture scene, and now the charming river town can add affordable style to its list. Made with the recessionista in mind, Love Me Too Times and Be Mine Again consignment boutiques — both a hop, skip, and one-piece jumpsuit away from each other on Main Street — offer the perfect combo of recycling and shopping for the family on a tight budget. Lightly used, high-end fashions (think Donna Karan, Coach, and Gucci) often fill their racks, but it doesn’t end there. In addition to clothing and accessories, each shop boasts lots of extras: Be Mine Again carries home décor and antiques, and Love Me Too Times holds regular music and art events.
• Love Me Too Times: 917-273-9418; 
• Be Mine Again: 845-234-0672

Best Wallpaper and Paint Store :: Sun Wallpaper and Paint
Beacon, Fishkill, Poughkeepsie.
When it’s time to spruce up your digs, Sun — in business since 1920 — offers more than the standard big-box-store inventory. Sure, you’ll find tried-and-true decorating products, but Sun is also stocked to the brim with other options, like upscale paint brands Farrow & Ball and Fine Paints of Europe. If wallpaper is your thing, you can browse through more than 150 styles in stock, plus choices from top designers like Ralph Lauren. The store also provides online shopping, decorating services, senior and student discounts, and helpful advice from salespeople for those times when you just can’t decide on the perfect color or pattern. • Beacon, 845-831-0093; Fishkill, 845-896-6200; Poughkeepsie, 845-471-2880;

Readers' Pick Best Local Musician :: Pete Seeger!

Oct 2009
Grand Opening :: School of Jellyfish

Lily Zand has opened School of Jellyfish at 183 Main Street.

The School of Jellyfish for the Advancement of Sustainable Living and Chocolate is... a few architects, designers, and thinkers with a lot of ideas to help you feel better in your own skin and make the world a finer place for all — while you appease your dark chocolaty side.

For more information call (646) 642-9263 or visit the School of Jellyfish website.

Oct 2009
Grand Opening :: Bank Square Coffeehouse

Katy Bell and Leonard Behney have opened Bank Square Coffeehouse at 129 Main Street. We know and love Katy & Buddy (and Corbin & Chico!) from their other Beacon shops: Mountain Tops and Beacon Creamery. With the opening of the coffeehouse they have established a welcoming trio to anchor the west end of Main Street.

For more information call (845) 440-7165 or visit the Bank Square Coffeehouse website.