Apr 2010
Census Day

2010 Census Banner AdHave you returned your completed census form yet? If not, you are not alone! Half the households in America haven't replied yet but it is critically important to participate in the census. Do it today!

Why? The information the census collects helps to determine how more than $400 billion dollars of federal funding each year is spent on infrastructure and services like:

  • â–º Hospitals
  • â–º Job training centers
  • â–º Schools
  • â–º Senior centers
  • â–º Bridges, tunnels and other-public works projects
  • â–º Emergency services

Local Questionnaire Assistance Centers

Tabernaculo de Cristo, 483 Main Street
Tuesdays :: 7pm - 9pm and Sundays :: 10am - 2pm

Dutchess County Community Action, 554 Main Street
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays :: 9am - 3pm

Still have questions? Need help? Call (866) 872-6868 or visit the US Census Website.

El Censo del 2010 es muy importante. Es seguro y privado. Por favor, responda.
¿Todavía tiene preguntas? ¿Necesita ayuda? Llamada (866) 928-2010.

Apr 2010
Grand Opening :: Tas Kafe

Greg Flaherty has opened Tas Kafe, a coffe roasting shop, at 504 Main Street. Selling fresh roasted Haitian, Dominican, and Puerto Rican coffee. For more information call (845) 831-2181.

Apr 2010
Grand Opening :: Too the Nines

Michael W. Cahill has opened Too the Nines, a women's evening wear shop, at 506 Main Street. The shop carries a broad selection of shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories. For more information call (845) 765-2828 or visit Too the Nines online.

Mar 2010
Curbside Branch Collection in April

To help residents clear out branches felled in recent storms, the City of Beacon has scheduled special April curbside branch collection.

Residents should pile fallen branches along the curb and sidewalks. Limbs and branches must be cut into lengths on longer than 8 feet and can be no more than 8 inches in diameter.

All branches and limbs must be placed in small piles with the cut side facing the street. Longer limbs must be piled perpendicular to the street.

Collection Schedule:
April 5 - 9 :: North side of mountain
April 12 - 16 :: South side of mountain
April 19 - 23 :: South side of Main Street
April 26 - 30 :: North side of Main Street

After this program ends, brush will only be collected on rainy days in the summer months.

Please call (845) 831-0932 to be placed on a list for pick-up.

Mar 2010
Prepare for Rain Event this Weekend

According to the National Weather Service in Albany, Dutchess County is expected to be impacted by heavy rains forecasted to begin later today. Rain fall is expected to be steady throughout the overnight hours into Sunday. Heaviest rain is expected during the late afternoon and Saturday overnight. The storm has the potential to produce in excess of 2 inches of rain and should move out of the area by Sunday afternoon.

“We are advising residents whose homes and businesses are prone to flooding to take the necessary precautions to minimize any adverse impact due to the heavy rain,” said Emergency Response Coordinator John Murphy. “The weather is difficult to predict, but it is best to err on the side of caution and take some simple steps to prevent possible flooding.”

If any resident is facing an emergency situation because of a basement flooding up to the levels of their furnace or electrical panel please contact 911 for assistance.

Tips to minimize the impact of heavy rain and possible flooding include:

  • * Keep drains clear of leaves, snow, ice and other debris.
  • * Ensure that drainpipes are not obstructed.
  • * Remove items stored in areas such as basements or sheds where flooding may have occurred in the past.

Heavy rains and flooding can be a problem for drivers, too. Residents are urged to exercise caution and heed the following travel advice to safely navigate wet roads:

  • * Budget extra travel time to avoid being marooned on flooded roads.
  • * Make sure you have enough fuel for your car.
  • * Watch for areas where rivers or streams may suddenly rise and flood, such as highway dips, bridges, and low areas.
  • * DO NOT attempt to drive over a flooded road. Turn around and go another way.

A complete checklist with travel tips, flood prevention tips and how to deal with flooding is available on the Department of Emergency Response website. Residents can also log on to the National Weather Service for the most up-to-date weather information and advisories from the Albany office.

Mar 2010
Grand Opening :: Marion Royael Gallery

Barbara and Steven Paul Riddle have opened Marion Royael Gallery at 460 Main Street.

Marion Royael is a full service contemporary art gallery specializing in abstract, surreal and photorealistic art. Open: 12-7 Thursday-Sunday.

For more information visit the Marion Royael website or call (727) 244-5535.

Mar 2010
Grand Opening :: Gourmetibles

Anne and Regina Furphy has opened Gourmetibles, a gourmet snack shop, at 494 Main Street. You may have noticed Gourmetibles' salty-sweet "candy that thinks it's a cookie" treats for sale at Hudson Valley shops but visit the Beacon headquarters for goodies, gifts, and tastings.

For more information visit the Gourmetible website or call (914) 489-0387.

Mar 2010
After the storm

The state of emergency has been lifted.

Power is still being restored after many residents andwere without power for many days. Schools reopened on Tuesday.

Feb 2010
Snow Emergency

A SNOW EMERGENCY is hereby declared in the City of Beacon effective Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 8:00pm.

Heavy snow and significant snow accumulation is expected. The snow emergency is in effect until further notice. All motor vehicles shall be removed from all streets and highways no later than 8:00pm tonight, February 24, 2010.

By the order of the city administrator.

For the most updated closing and delay information visit the Hudson Valley Closings website.

Feb 2010
Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Update

Update on 10 February 2010:
The City Council met with the Main Street Corridor Committee and Beacon Deserves Better Committee on Dec 10, 2010. Also in attendance were City Administrator Meredith Robson, the City Planner David Stolman and County Planner John Clarke. The questions and answers discussed at that meeting have been compiled and posted as: TOD Q&A

The proposed Transit Oriented Development (TOD) zoning district is an important issue before the Beacon City Council and all Beacon citizens. Please review the TOD resources page for details.