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Recycling Guide

Everything you need to know about recyclables in Beacon. What can be left at the curb? What can be brought to the transfer station? Mixed or sorted? 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, or 9?

Curbside Collection Calendar
Garbage pick-up is every week on your neighborhood's designated trash day.
Recycling pick-up is every other week on your neighborhood's designated trash day.
Pick up will be delayed by one day on national holidays.

Contact Information
If your household needs an additional garbage can or recycle bin please contact the Building Department at (845) 838-5020. For questions about garbage and recycling collection that are not covered here please contact the Highway Department at (845) 831-0932 or Royal Carting at (845) 896-6000.

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Curbside Recyclable Pick Up
The City of Beacon contracts with Royal Carting for curbside collection of recycling. Royal Carting supplies each residence with a standardized garbage can and recycle bin. If your household needs an additional recycle bin they are available at the transfer station. You may also use your own recyclable container as long as it is clearly marked with an "R." Recyclables are picked up every other week on your specified garbage day.  The City of Beacon is now implementing single stream recycling.

   What does Single Stream mean?

  • Single stream material does not have to be separated and can be placed in one container.   All recyclable items (bottles, cans, plastic and paper) can be placed in the recycling bin provided by Royal Carting. All additional recycling containers should be sturdy, reusable receptacles like a plastic crate or a spare "garbage" can. Do not use plastic bags.


    All materials must be empty of food residue. Rinsing is helpful. It is not required to remove labels from cans. Glass should not be broken.

  • Glass Bottles




    *Food Jars

    *Canning Jars

    *All Colors



    *Canned Foods

    *Aluminum Cans

    *Coat Hangers

    *Pet Food

    *Food Trays


    Plastic Containers

    *Dairy Jugs





    *Liquid Dishwashing

    *Laundry Detergent




    Mixed Paper

    *All newspapers and advertisement inserts

    *Telephone books, paperback books, junk mail (including envelopes and coupons)

    *Magazines containing glossy coated paper, catalogs

    *Glossy flyers and mailers - staples/tape with water soluble glues do not have to be removed

    *All sizes loose, bundled or bagged "Kraft" paper grocery bags

    *All dry, loose or bagged white and colored ledgers

    *Copy paper, note pads, loose-leaf fillers, computer print-outs

    *Single wall, non-corrugated boxes used to package dry food Cereal boxes, shoe boxes and other similar packaging

    *Paper egg cartons, construction paper

    *Double & triple wall cardboard boxes with liners of "Kraft", jute or test liners - flattened, cut down or folded to size no more than 3 feet by 3 feet.

  • Unacceptable materials for mixed residential paper recycling include

    *"Kraft" (yellow) envelopes and padded envelopes
    *Overnight delivery packaging
    *Paper towels, tissue, and wipes
    *Carbon paper
    *X-rays & MRI's
    *Plastic transparencies & overheads
    *Styrofoam and polystyrene packing
    *Bubble wrap & plastic liners
    *Paper clips, binders, tack, pens, pencils, etc.

   What you CANNOT recycle at the curb

  • * Metal kitchen pots, pans, baking dishes
  • * Any broken glass including: window glass, mirror glass, auto glass, light bulbs, fluorescent lights and ceramics
  • * Latex paint cans  (Put sawdust or kitty litter in can, let dry and dispose of in household garbage. 

Recycling at the Transfer Station
In addition to providing a drop-off facility for garbage and yard waste, the Transfer Station also accepts recyclables that are either too big or numerous to leave at the curb or not accepted in the curbside pick-up.

    Recyclable items accepted at the Transfer Station include:

  • * All acceptable curbside items outlined above
  • * All plastics with recycling numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, or 9
  • * Newsprint, office paper, junk mail, magazines, catalogs
  • * Corrugated cardboard of any size
  • * Tires (fee)
  • * Car Batteries (fee)
  • * Scrap metal (fee)

    Items often brought to the Transfer Station that are NOT recyclable (but acceptable as garbage):

  • * Plastics items other than #1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or 9
  • * Coated cardboard (e.g. milk cartons, paper cups/plates); paper towels/tissue; soiled cardboard/paper (e.g. pizza boxes)
  • * Broken glass
  • * Kitchen pots, pans, baking dishes
  • * Latex paint cans (Put sawdust or kitty litter in can, let dry and dispose of in household garbage.)

Hours of operation and a full list of items that can be dumped as garbage can be found on the Transfer Station page.