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2010 Census

Every 10 years, the U. S. Census Bureau regularly updates the Address List from the previous (2000 Census) with records from the U.S. Postal Service. 

2010 Census WebsiteFast Facts About the Census

·  Phase 1 of the Census will begin on April 6, 2009. Through June, residents will see in their neighborhoods Census Bureau listers who are comparing local residence addresses with the Bureau’s existing address list.  Their job is to verify and update local address lists and living quarters units only.

·  There are five Census listeners in Beacon, all local people. If you wish to verify the authenticity of the person you can ask for their ID or call City Hall. We have the names of the five people. Call (845) 838-5000.

·  All address and Census questionnaire information is confidential and protected by law.  It cannot be shared with any government agency or law enforcement official.  Not even the President himself can be shown the specific information on housing or individuals. Every Census worker takes an oath of confidentiality. Any violation would result in a jail term oF up to fiVe years and/or a fine of up to $250,000.
·  Phase 2 of the Census will begin in March 2010. It will be a questionnaire that will be mailed to your home with ten questions.