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Annual City-Wide Yard Sale

Jun 2010
Annual City-Wide Yard Sale
9:00 am-3:00 pm

The ultimate city-wide yard sale!

Attention Buyers Check out the list of sales updating weekly!

Attention Sellers List your yard sale for $10 or talk to your neighbors and list 3 for $20. Your sale will be listed by street address. This list will be available to shoppers on the morning of the sale at City Hall as well as online for the weeks leading up to the sale. You will also receive a City Wide Yard Sale sign to mark your house on the day of the sale. The City Wide Yard Sale will be locally advertised by the Recreation Department.

Please submit your registration form and fees by May 31, 2010.

Yard Sale List -updated 6/4/2010

#           Address                    Cross Street

8           Angela Court               Liberty St

21         Beacon Street             Route 9D

71         Beacon Street             South Walnut St

25         Boyce Street               Washington Ave

29         Boyce Street               Washington Ave

35         Boyce Street               Wodell St

39         Boyce Street               Washington Ave

42         Church Street             North Brett St

56         Church Street             N Cedar/ N Chestnut

15         Cross Street               West Church Street

59         Cross Street               Orchard Place

18         Deerfield Place            Verplank Ave./ Cross St

24         Delacan Street            Fishkill Ave

86         DePuyster Avenue     Washington/ Grove St

12         Dewindt Street            Cliff St and S Elm St

17         Dutchess Terrace       Verplank Ave.

48         Dutchess Terrace       Barrett Place

119       East Main Street          Spring Valley Street

181       East Main Street          Prospect St

227       East Main Street          Howland Ave

85         East Willow Street      Wilkes St & Forest Lane

118       East Willow Street      Forest Lane

3           Goodrich Street          Robinson St/ Union St

11         Goodrich Street          Union St

53         Grandview Ave          Route 9D

505       Harborview Court       Wolcott Ave

20         Heaney Drive              Rende Dr

38         Helen Court                 Washinton Ave

7           Henry Street               S Chestnut St

22         Herbert Street             Fishkill Ave

29         John Street                 Vine St & Teller Ave

21         Kent Street                  Maettewan & Fishkill Ave

29         Knevels Ave               Sargent Ave

35         Knevels Ave               Sargent Ave

41         Knevels Ave               Sargent Ave

10         Kristy Drive                 Route 9D (Wolcott Ave)

12         Kristy Drive                 Route 9D

21         Leonard Street            Amity St & Liberty St

39         Mackin Ave                 Rt 9D & Verplank

159       Main Street                  Cross Street

28         Masters Place             Liberty & Mase

53         Masters Place             Mase St

36         Melio Bettina Place      Oak St and Verplank Ave

14A      Miller Street                 Teller Ave

40         N Cedar Street            Verplank Ave

35         North Cedar Street      Verplank Ave.

39         North Cedar Street      Verplank Ave.

72         North Elm Street          Orchard Place

1494     North Road                  Dutchess Stadium

189       North Walnut St           Tilden Ave

195       North Walnut St           Tilden Ave

67         Phillips Street              Route 9D

75         Phillips Street              Heaney Drive

88         Prospect Street           Vail Ave

7           Rende Drive                Phillips St

15         Rende Drive                Crescent Street

160       Rombout Ave              South Brett St

234       Rombout Ave              Teller Ave

242       Rombout Ave              Teller and S Chestnut

21         Round Tree Court       Liberty Street

23         Round Tree Court       Liberty Street

82         Round Tree Court       Liberty Street

46         Schenck Ave              Verplank Ave

54         Simmons Lane            (Animal Rescue Fnd.)

40         S Brett Street              Rombout Ave/ Beacon St

76         S Chestnut Street       Rombout Ave

94         South Chestnut Street              West Center/ Vine St

10         South Elm Street         Main St & Dewindt St

14         South Elm Street         Main St & Dewindt St

16         South Elm Street         Main St & Dewindt St

17         South Elm Street         Dewindt Street

32         South Street                Verplank and Schenck

20         South Walnut St          Catherine Street

50         Spring Valley St          Water St & Churchill St

42         Talbot Ave                  Route 9D  and Cross Street

51         Tilden Ave                   N Walnut & Verplank

50         VanNydeck Ave         Madam Brett Homestead

39         VanBuren Street         Wilkes St

43         Verplank Ave              Cross Street

94         Vine Street                  Fulton Ave

10         Washinton Ave           Spring St

59         Washinton Ave           Boyce St

72         Wilkes Street               Route 52

1           Wodell Street              Washington/ Falconer

831       Wolcott Ave                Phillips St

955       Wolcott Ave                S Chestnut St

Yard Sale List Final.pdf