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Library Budget Vote & Trustee Election

Apr 2009
Library Budget Vote & Trustee Election
12:00 pm-8:00 pm
Howland Library - 313 Main St

If you cannot vote in person you can request an absentee ballot by email or call the library at (845) 831-1134.

The following is a statement from the Howland Public Library on the Budget Referendum and Trustee Election:

The Howland Public Library (HPL) has received no increase since 2004. In that time:

  •     library cardholders grew 26%
  •     items loaned to other libraries grew 68%
  •     circulation grew 25%
  •     program attendance grew 9%
  •     public computer use grew 54%

Please note:  These increases took place at the same time that HPL was forced to:

  •     cut nine hours of operations due to lack of funds
  •     reduce staff hours 16% due to same. Our remaining staff has had to work extra hard to keep up with community use and needs.

Next year, due to proposed NYS cuts, the Mid-Hudson Library System will be forced to impose fees on libraries to support basic services such as the delivery of books between libraries.

HPL's proposed increase includes:

  •     funds to pay these new system fees
  •     5 more hours per week for library cleaner
  •     10 hours for a teen homework helper

The proposed 2% budget increase of $17,000 amounts to one penny more per thousand assessed value, as estimated by the Beacon City School District.  In these economic times, any increase is not requested lightly, but the economy is sending people to the library in increasing numbers.  An increase is needed to help us meet increased community needs.

If the budget is not passed:

HPL will have very few options to cover increased costs.  One option is to pass the new MHLS fee on to our borrowers. The fee would be between 25 - 50 cents for each item delivered from another library.

Another option is to petition New York State to allow HPL to further reduce library hours.  HPL is already open the minimum number of hours for our chartered population.

Copies of the budget are available at the library.

Trustee Election:

HPL has two trustee candidates for two seats:  Prudence Posner and Dale Leifeste.  More trustee candidate information in HPL E-News 2009 | three.

The HPL Board of Trustees is made up of nine elected trustees who are not paid to serve. They all pay taxes in the Beacon City School District and live throughout the district.  They take their public responsibility very seriously, and hope that you will, too.

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